Severin Films Presents Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi

Courtesy of Severin Films! We’re excited to announce that Italian cult filmmaking team of Claudio Fragasso and his wife Rossella Drudi will be appearing at our May 4-6, 2018 event!

While the couple are best known for Troll 2 as featured in Best Worst Movie, Severin presents their appearance at TFW in celebration of their upcoming Blu Ray releases of SHOCKING DARK aka TERMINATOR 2 and more!

Fragasso has co-written (with Rossella Drudi) the scripts for many horror movies that were directed by the infamous Bruno Mattei, including Zombie 3, The Other Hell, Rats: Night of Terror, Hell of the Living Dead, Robowar, The True Story of the Nun of Monza and Emanuelle Escapes from Hell among others. Fragasso also co-directed a few of Mattei’s films with him, including The Seven Magnificent Gladiators, Zombie 3, Zombie 4: After Death, Scalps, White Apache, The Other Hell, Hell of the Living Dead and Rats: Night of Terror.