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Press Application

Thanks for your interest in our next event!

Please fill out the following application for consideration:

Outlet Name*
Website: *
Will you offer pre-event coverage prior to the show to increase awareness with your readers?*
Have you covered TFW in the past?*
If so, please send links to previous coverage. If not, please give links to similar coverage you've done in the past:*
Number of Press Passes Requested:*
Where will this coverage appear?*
Name(s) of representatives attending:*
I understand that, if selected, this pass admits one person to TFW 2018 for all three days of the event. Admission is for the convention only and does not include admission to parties or other events. Autographs, photos, etc are not included. Pass bearer must submit links and/or clips of coverage after the event concludes. In addition to post event coverage, press members are also required to submit pre event coverage. Texas Frightmare Weekend does not allow interviews with attending guests at the event. If you desire an interview it must be set up and conducted prior to the event. Additionally, Texas Frightmare Weekend will not facilitate the coordination of any interviews. Guests attend the event for the purpose of interacting with the fans only. Press Passes are intended for coverage of the event and not for guest interviews.*
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