Speakers: Tracee Beebe (Writer), Ven Scott (Producer), Brandon Torres (Cinematographer)

This seminar is designed to give a brief overview of all aspects of horror filmmaking from choosing the right script to “That’s a wrap!” and is presented by three award-winning filmmakers who know what it takes.

Topics covered will include:

Story first – Why choosing the right script is vital and how to do so.
Create a rough budget – it’s easier than you think.
What comes first, the cast or the crew? Or is it the location or the date? Or?
Must have crew – who you have to have and how to find them.
Casting – how to find talented people who won’t eat up all your budget.
Who’s going to direct this thing, anyway?
Crew roles and production hierarchy.
Craft services – Feed them and they will come.
That’s a wrap. Now what?