In 2012, Unearthed Films celebrated its 10-year anniversary bringing the goods and gore on DVD and Blu-ray to our faithful fans. And now, after ten years of serving up the best in extreme horror and cult films, we are in the mood to spread our blood-soaked wings and expand our dark horizons. Time for a little expansion!

With the recent debut of Unearthed Books, our innovative new publishing label, we have boldly entered territory untraveled by any other video label. You can now devour your daily dose of death and destruction through the medium of the printed word. Perfect for when the power is cut off!

Not content to seek one adventure at a time, Unearthed has decided to take yet another leap into the unknown. And this time we’ve really jumped the shark! With the formation of Unearthed Music Group, specializing in Speed-core, Industrial, Horror-Core Rap and Death Metal, we are bringing you the music you need to explode your brains and enrich your bloody nightmares. All releases will be available on CD, vinyl, and download.

Unearthed is now active across multiple categories of entertainment, leaving our blood stained paw prints in all media. So, come and join our newsletter, watch some of our films, and read some of our books, while listening to some of our ear shattering music.