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Why Does New Federative Alliance Need the Old Military Bot?

Life on Earth was almost destroyed by the global planetary catastrophe. Two men wander through the scorched desert that was once a flourishing planet. One of them is in the handcuffs, the other’s hands are clenching the gun. Their mission is to find the old military bot of the Collapse times, which is crucially important for the survival of the last Bastion of humanity.

Runtime: 15 minutes

Transylvania Television Episode 7 – “The VHS of Death!” Festival Short Version

The Retro-Monster Comedy That’s Really NOT for Kids.

A band of monsters run a television station from the dungeon of their Transylvanian castle, featuring an all puppet cast.

In this episode: When Batfink’s precious copy of a rare horror film is accidentally destroyed, Dwayne switches it out with a cursed video store rental tape.

“Imagine The Muppets and SCTV at a Halloween party, getting drunk and then having a baby…that they don’t want, so they threw it in a dumpster and it was rescued by Mystery Science Theater 3000. So our show is kind of a dumpster baby rescued by Mystery Science Theater.” — Gordon Smuder, Transylvania Television Co-Creator & Executive Producer

Runtime: 10 minutes 46 seconds

Mom is Always There for You

Late night the desperate woman with a gun breaks into a country house and immediately shoots at the owner. But attacking doesn’t know that the man in the house not one.
Runtime: 34 minutes 28 seconds

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