Mark has been immersed in art from birth thanks to his father. He began drawing as soon as he was able to hold a crayon and it became clear early on that Mark had inherited the skill and love of art just like his dad. As a teen, he developed a passion for comic book illustration and received his first professional job at 16, illustrating for several prominent comic book companies. Today, Mark illustrates a wide range of styles including comic book art, detailed portraits, and cartoon illustrations, including a horror themed graphic novel that he plans to publish.

Mark draws his inspiration from the innovative presence of David Bowie, the dark, gothic styles of Gris Grimly and Tim Burton, the minimalist approach to storytelling of John Carpenter and Mike Mignola, and the playful illustrations of Skottie Young and Adam Hughes. He is an entirely self-taught artist pulling from experimentation and self-study to hone his craft. He was first greatly influenced by comic book art and over time he found that same influence from music, film, and photography.

When Mark is not hovering over his sketchbook, you can find him spending time with his two beautiful daughters, watching cult classic films with his dog and cat, or crawling the mall to add to his ever growing fashion-savvy wardrobe, which he hopes will one day become an entire closet of Rick Owens gear.​