A Horror Inspiration Handcrafted Ceramic Mug

I have been an Etsian for over two years now and proud of it!
I am a ceramic artist and I reorganized one of my rooms as an workplace and I work at my home studio. I love to spend my time watching horror films, cartoons or animations. This is my inspiration.
I begin to create a mug with modelling. Next step is molding. Afrer demolding, each piece is handcrafted by me with care and attention to detail; handle, teeth and tongue are added and then left for drying. Drying takes 2 days. Before bisque firing, I work with little carving tools to create little details. This is the secret of unique mug. Each handle, eyes and teeth are different from other ones. After that, they are ready for bisque firing at 900 – 1050°C. After firing, they are glazed by using an airbrush. Air brush creates various color texture on mugs. The last step is glaze firing at 1200 °C. Then they are ready to sale.
I really hope you find something you like. 
To see me creating and learn about new models or the coupon codes before everyone else; follow me on instagram @cerapost