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Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018 is Presented by Arrow Video

Arrow Video is a multi-award-winning label dedicated to releasing the very best in cult and horror films in deluxe, definitive editions with world-class restoration, specially curated extras, plus newly commissioned artwork, booklets and bespoke packaging. Starting as an offshoot label from Arrow Films in 2009, the UK collection now spans more than 250 releases, including films from the likes of cult favourites David Cronenberg, Dario Argento, John Carpenter and Wes Craven.

In March 2015 the label expanded into the US with releases such as Brian Yuzna’s Society and Jack Hill’s Pit Stop. The range now includes over 100 titles including films from Tobe Hooper, Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci and Herschell Gordon Lewis. Most recently Arrow Video expanded into New Release content, debuting Mexican horror We Are The Flesh theatrically and on Home Entertainment in both the UK and US in February 2017.

Arrow have also recently launched two new labels: Arrow Records will be releasing one vinyl record each month (initial releases include Caltiki and The Zero Boys), whilst Arrow Books will release one book per month devoted to either a cult film genre, filmmaker, film star or a specific cult film (initial releases include a book looking at the classic film The Hitcher, and also a book that charts the career of Japanese actress Meiko Kaji).

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