Meet Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley (Pinhead) at Texas Frightmare Weekend!

Meet Hellraiser’s Doug Bradley (Pinhead) at Texas Frightmare Weekend!

Doug Bradley is probably most famous for his role as Hellraiser’s Pinhead – Dark Prince of Pain, Angel of Suffering, Leviathan’s Lord of the Damned.

As well as the Hellraiser series, Doug has starred in Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, alongside his friend Robert Englund (Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street) in The Killer […]

Severin Films Presents Claudio Fragasso and Rossella Drudi

Courtesy of Severin Films! We’re excited to announce that Italian cult filmmaking team of Claudio Fragasso and his wife Rossella Drudi will be appearing at our May 4-6, 2018 event!

While the couple are best known for Troll 2 as featured in Best Worst Movie, Severin presents their appearance at TFW in celebration of their upcoming Blu Ray releases of […]

TFW Named Best Non Music Festival!

We’re honored and humbled to be informed that Texas Frightmare Weekend has been named Best Non Music Festival by the Dallas Observer​!

Texas Frightmare Weekend is an annual horror convention that takes place in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, and is celebrating its 13th year as “The Southwest’s Premier Horror Convention.”
Texas Frightmare Weekend’s goal is to […]

Tobin Bell Announced!

We want to play a game… and so does our next guest. Please welcome Tobin Bell back for TFW 2018!

Tobin Bell played the lead role of Jigsaw, the serial killer who wants others to appreciate the value of life via twisted “games”, in the SAW films. This series became the highest grossing horror franchise in […]

Chucky Celebration: Christine Elise Announced!

Please welcome Christine Elise to TFW 2018!

Christine has been acting professionally since 1988 and is recognized primarily for her roles as U4EA-popping bad girl, Emily Valentine, on Beverly Hills, 90210, as Harper Tracy on ER, and as Kyle, the gal who killed Chucky in Child’s Play 2.

She has also appeared in recurring roles on China Beach, […]

Ethan Embry Announced

Ethan Embry is best known for his role as Russell “Rusty” Griswold in Vegas Vacation, Mark in “Empire Records”, Agent Toby Grant in Eagle Eye, Preston Meyers in Can’t Hardly Wait, Greg Mendell in Once Upon a Time and as Declan Giggs on the Showtime television series “Sweet Home Alabama release 2002 Brotherhood. Most recently, […]

Ron Perlman Announced!

Please join us in welcoming prolific actor Ron Perlman to TFW 2018!

With a career spanning over three decades, Perlman has worked alongside such diverse actors as Marlon Brando, Sean Connery, Dominique Pinon, Brad Dourif, Ed Harris, John Hurt, Jude Law, Christina Ricci, Federico Luppi, Sigourney Weaver, Michael Wincott and Elijah Wood to name a few.

His […]

30 Years of Chucky: Brad Dourif Announced!

We’re celebrating 30 Years of Chucky this May 4-6, 2018! You can’t celebrate Chucky without the infamous killer doll. So, we’re elated to announce that Brad Dourif will be in attendance at TFW 2018! Brad is perhaps best known as the voice of Chucky in all the films including the upcoming Cult of Chucky. He was nominated for […]