Dan Mendoza

With a background in animation and a love for comic books, Dan set out to make his own title back in 2009 that contained all the things he loved in pop culture such as Anime, Grindhouse exploitation films, horror movies, and Tokyo shock cinema. He named the comic, “Zombie Tramp”
To much surprise, the book started to stir up lots of hype and soon became a cult hit.
Zombie Tramp is now on it’s 3rd successful year as a monthly series published by Action Lab entertainment.
But it doesn’t stop there. Dan has also co-created another series under Action Lab that became the highest selling 1st issue for the company, called “Dollface”.
Dan has also started his Venture into self-publishing with his 1st title, Sad Girl Psycho Baby. The project was fully crowd funded in the 1st hour, and is well on it’s way to become another smash hit.