Autographs are purchased directly from the guest at the event and cannot be ordered in advance.

Texas Frightmare Weekend has attempted to verify the pricing of autographs with either the guest or the management/agent/representative. All prices are determined by the guests and their representatives and not Texas Frightmare Weekend. Therefore, pricing is subject to change without notice and can be different at the event than what is stated on this website.

Autograph and photo pricing supplied to us is available by clicking the photos here. If the info is not there, it has not been communicated to Texas Frightmare Weekend. We cannot guarantee that all pricing will be available prior to the event.

Photo Ops

Purchase professional photo ops here.


The schedule is posted approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the event. In most cases, the schedule is not posted any earlier than that because of continuing guest adds. If we posted a schedule early, it means it would be quite invalid by the time the event approaches.

Our 2022 photo op schedule is LIVE! Thank you for your patience as the finishing touches were made. We do not recommend printing schedules for the simple reason that they could change before the event. You will be able to access the most up to date photo op schedule in our app and at the following link.