Autographs are purchased directly from the guest at the event. Texas Frightmare Weekend has attempted to verify the pricing of autographs with either the guest or the management/agent/representative. All prices are determined by the guests and their representatives and not Texas Frightmare Weekend. Therefore, pricing is subject to change without notice and can be different at the event than what is stated on this website.

Autograph and photo pricing supplied to us is available by clicking the photos here. If the info is not there, it has not been communicated to Texas Frightmare Weekend. Please check back!

Photo Ops

Purchase professional photo ops here.

Printer friendly Photo Op Schedule Download Here.

All photo ops take place in the Vandergriff room on Friday and the Aviators ballroom on Saturday and Sunday.

Tim Curry will also be in the the Aviators on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM until close or until his line ends. You may get your photo ops with him at anytime while he is in this room. Don’t wait too late though as he is subject to leave when his line ends.