All prices are determined by the guests and their representatives and not Texas Frightmare Weekend. Info below subject to change without notice.

Autograph prices and other info you want to know will be posted here as we get it from the guests and their reps. More info at our FAQ page. If it isn’t listed, we don’t have the info. Pro photo op prices will be updated at Wolf Studio’s page here.

Erich Anderson: Autograph $20

Marshall Bell: Autograph $20

AJ Bowen: Autograph FREE

Alexandra Breckenridge: Autograph $40, Professional Photo Op $55

Lisa & Louise Burns: $60 (includes one signature from each and a photo on your camera), Pro Photo Op $55

Neve Campbell: Autograph $75, pro photo op only

Kim Coates: $40, pro photo op $55

Don Coscarelli: Autograph $25, free table photo, Phantasm group pro photo  $85

Brad Dourif: Autograph $40, Two Men and a Killer Doll Pro Photo Op $70 (Dourif, Vincent, Chucky)

Elvira: Autograph $30, pro photo op $60, no table photos on Saturday

Sherilyn Fenn: Autograph $20

C. Thomas Howell: Autograph $40, photo at table $40, Photo at table + Autograph $60

Camille Keaton: Autograph $30 (includes photo with your camera at her table)

Udo Kier: Autograph $40

Quinn Lord: Autograph $20

Jennifer Lynch: Autograph $20

Malcolm McDowell: Autograph $40

Kim Myers: Autograph $20, free table photo included

Mark Patton: Autograph $20

Tara Reid: Autograph $30

Robert Rusler: Autograph $20

William Sadler: Autograph: $30

Julian Sands: Autograph $40

Angus Scrimm: Autograph $30

Jack Sholder: Autograph $20, free table photo included

Josh Stewart: Autograph+Table Photo $30

Rachel True: Autograph $30

Skeet Ulrich: Autograph $50, Professional Photo Op $65

Alex Vincent: Autograph $20, Table pics FREE, Two Men and a Killer Doll Pro Photo Op $70 (Dourif, Vincent, Chucky)

More to come as we are updated…