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12 Gauge Gore
Action Lab Entertainment/Action Lab: Danger Zone
Alamo Drafthouse
Arrow Video
Artwith Latex
Atomic Cotton
Big World
Blood Line Designs
Candon Films
Chris Kuchta
Circus of the Dead
Collector’s Crypt
Collector’s Crypt
Creepy Classic Videos
Dale Carroll Art
Dark Clown Studios
Dark Filament Books
Dark Hour Haunted House
Dark’s Art Parlour
Dr. Franken Plush
Drink With the Living Dead
DWN Productions
Fast Custom Shirts
Father Evil
Forgotten Boneyard
Full Moon Features
Gabrielle Faust
Gore Noir Magazine
Half Price Books
Halloween Tattoos
IFC Midnight
Incision Posters
Jefferson Muncy Illustration
Jessica von Braun
Jim Ferguson Making a Scene
Kitty Korvette
Kreepsville 666
London 1888
Lyle Blackburn
Madly Made Creations
MGI Productions
Pittides Art
Pretty Spooky Handmade
Quiltface Studios
Red Death Studios
Reindeer Manor/ Wounds While You Wait
Robert Elrod
Saint Euphoria
Severin Films
Shock Waves
Sick in the Thread
STX Media
Texas Triffid Ranch
The Curiositeer
Time Machine Collectibles
Timothy W. Long and Katie Cord
Toy Matrix
Unearthed Films
Vinegar Syndrome
Wild Eye Releasing
Zombie Gear


2018 Vendor Policies

Vendor applications are now closed.

All vendor space is now sold out.

Save these dates!

• June 23rd, 2017- Vendor applications will open
• July 7th, 2017- Vendor apps close

• July 21st 2017- Vendors will be informed of selection or denial.
• July 24th 2017- Payment due for vendor space.
• August 4th 2017- Hotel reservations open exclusively for vendors. BOOK FAST…they won’t last long!

Please remember that we simply cannot accept every application. We’re just limited on space and demand is extremely high. We make our selection based on many factors.

The two primary ones are:
1. Space available.
2. What vendors work best for our attendees. We strive to have a large variety of different types of vendors. For instance, if we receive 20 applications from artists, we may only choose 3. This way we can bring in a variety of vendors including physical media like DVD and Blu Ray, book publishers, t-shirts, toys, posters, etc.

Also, we don’t choose vendors based on their particular art, etc. In other words, we’re not judging your art and picking what art we like best. As long as it is HORROR! We’re simply filling the open space and choosing a good selection for our attendees.

Bottom line: we’d love to have you ALL. But, that’s just not possible.

Wi-Fi and Electricity

Wi-Fi and Electricity will be available for purchase directly from the Hyatt Regency Hotel. It is not provided for free.

Texas Sales Tax ID

All exhibitors that are selling anything at the event must have a valid Sales Tax ID to have space at the event. See the state comptroller website to get one. Vendors are responsible for reporting their own taxes from the event. Keep a copy of your Tax ID on you at your booth at all times.

Please read all policies and select "Accept" or "Decline" at the bottom of the page. After you click the "Submit" button you will be directed to the Vendor Application.

Vendor space is sold on a first paid, first served basis. Space is limited. Please reserve as far in advance as possible.

Once payment has been received, there will be NO REFUNDS on vendor space.

The sale of any and all goods and/or services by anyone besides official Texas Frightmare Weekend vendors is strictly prohibited. Anyone found engaging in such activities will be removed from the hotel and will forfeit their ticket purchase price and hotel room reservations. This includes and is not limited to selling anywhere on hotel property include hotel rooms, event space and parking areas.

1. Six-foot table top displays are $400. Includes one six-foot table top and two chairs. Each space is 8′ x 6′. Two vendor passes per vendor regardless of how many spaces you purchase. If you need more than two passes, be sure to add them to your order. Tables are covered with white cloth. Skirts are not included. If your Six-foot table top display requires more than a 8′ x 6′ space you will need to purchase more than one table or step up to a larger space.

2. 10′ x 10′ booths include two 6′ x 30″ tables and are $675 each.

3. Endcaps are three 6′ tables placed at the end of an aisle in a “U” shape. Endcaps are $750 each.

4. Electricity is additional and is available for purchase by contacting the hotel directly.

5. Phone, Wi-Fi and DSL are available directly from the hotel at an additional charge. Please contact the hotel directly to make arrangements.

6. Passes- Each vendor will receive TWO (2) vendor passes regardless of how many spaces are purchased. Additional vendor weekend passes can be purchased at the reduced rate of $40 each. Limit 4 additional per vendor at this price. Additional passes must be purchased at full price. THERE IS A STRICT LIMIT OF FOUR ADDITIONAL VENDOR PASSES PER VENDOR. If you purchase more than four additional passes you will be refunded immediately. Special event passes, if applicable, must be purchased separately and will not be discounted.

7. VENDORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GET IN LINE FOR CELEBRITY AUTOGRAPHS BEFORE 6:00 PM on Friday and 11:00 am on Saturday or Sunday. Any vendor found doing so will be immediately removed from the show without a refund on vendor space or passes.

8. Exact locations within the vendor rooms are on a first paid, first served basis. We will not be able to guarantee the location of your table. We are not able to reserve wall space. Hotel polices prohibit attaching anything to their walls.

9. Vendors are allowed to bring their own backdrop. However, these items must be below 8 feet in height and must not interfere with adjoining vendors. Vendors are responsible for any extension cords or other necessary supplies needed to get electricity to your table from the paid electrical source.

10. Vendors are solely responsible for the actions of their workers, volunteers, etc. and Texas Frightmare Weekend will not be held accountable.

11. Vendors are responsible for charging Texas state sales tax and reporting sales to the State of Texas. Texas Frightmare Weekend will not be held responsible for vendor failure to collect, report, and submit sales tax charges.

12. Vendors are not allowed to share space. Each vendor must pay for his or her own space.

13. Texas Frightmare Weekend does not endorse any vendors or exhibitors beliefs, actions, views, merchandise or exhibits. Vendors are their own business entity and do not represent Texas Frightmare Weekend.

14. No graphic nudity, pornographic material, drug paraphernalia, bootleg merchandise or weapons of any kind will be permitted. No DVD-Rs or CD-Rs of ANY KIND will be permitted unless you own the copyright. Any vendor found in violation will be immediately removed from the show and banned from future events. (Exception: Sales of prop weapons are permitted, but must be safely boxed and taped at the time of purchase.)

15. Vendors are accountable for any legal action taken against them or their workers, volunteers or etc. Neither Texas Frightmare Weekend nor the hotel will be held responsible.

16. Vendor spaces must be manned at all times. Texas Frightmare Weekend will not be held responsible for loss or damage to vendor property.

17. All vendors acknowledge that Texas Frightmare Weekend, its employees, workers and volunteers; and hotel employees and agents will not provide or maintain insurance coverage for vendors persons or property and it is their sole responsibility to obtain insurance covering such loss. Any damage or injury to persons or property caused by any vendor or their workers, employees or volunteers will be the sole liability of the vendor. Texas Frightmare will not be held responsible in any way.

18. Any props, pipe and drape, signs, merchandise racks or other free standing equipment must be contained within the vendors purchased space and must not block other vendor space or exits as deemed necessary by the hotel and Texas Frightmare Weekend staff.

19. Vendor purchases are not refundable for any reason. Should you not be able to attend it is your responsibility to fill the space and notify Texas Frightmare Weekend of the changes. You may sell your space to another vendor if unable to attend.

20. Vendor space is limited and is not guaranteed until your space is paid in full.

21. Dealers are not allowed to mount anything on the hotel ‘s walls. Vendors must purchase pipe and drape or bring their own pipe and drape if they have anything they want to display behind their table.

22. Vendor room hours are Friday: 5pm-10pm, Sat: 10am-7pm and Sunday 10am-5pm.

23. LOAD IN, PARKING, DIRECTIONS Please click here for load in times and all other information.

I have read and understand the vendor policies. By checking this box I confirm that I accept and agree to all policies.
Word Verification:

After clicking "Submit" you will be taken to our vendor application page.