Arrow Video is proud to present a special Texas Frightmare Weekend appearance by legendary Brain Damage, Basket Case and Frankenhooker director Frank Henenlotter!

Known for his bizarre mixes of horror and humor, Frank Henenlotter is best known for his films BASKET CASE, BRAIN DAMAGE, and FRANKENHOOKER. He also directed two sequels to BASKET CASE and, perhaps his wildest film, BAD BIOLOGY.

More recently, he directed two documentaries, HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS THE GODFATHER OF GORE and THAT’S SEXPLOITATION. He also directed the non-genre film THE ART THIEVES to be released later this year. Currently, he’s working on a documentary about the only artist ever convicted of obscenity in the United States, THE TRIAL OF MIKE DIANA.

Henenlotter was also one of the guiding forces behind the legendary Something Weird Video which exposed an entire generation to the glories of rock-bottom exploitation and sexploitation films.

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